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’90s Throwback: The Choker

'90s Throwback: The Choker

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Stow away your necklaces — because apparently the choker is back! Recently a slew of celebrities, (Zoe Kravitz, Kim K, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Kate Beckinsale) just to name a few, hit the red carpet donning this 90s throwback.

I think it’s safe to say that this blast-from-the-past can be added to the burgeoning list of trends to re-emerge from the 90s, and I would like for you to weigh in — would you wear it?

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Wardrobe Staple: The Oversized Watch

Wardrobe Staple: The Oversized Watch

Are you into oversized watches? Roll up the sleeve of your favorite sweater and show off that oversized watch you’ve been hiding! Which brand are you rocking to accessorize your Monday mani?


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The Complete Glossary of Bag Shapes

It is often said that “the suit makes the man”, I believe the same is true for women and their handbags. Not unlike a suit, handbags for many women are status symbols. Positioned prominently on their person, the handbags that women sling over their shoulders or drape on their arms speak volumes as to who they are, or how they want to be perceived.

There are so many sought-after handbags featured in high-end boutiques, department stores, fashion publications and fashion blogs, but do you know the difference between a clutch and a wristlet, or a bowler and a tote? (Admittedly there were two shapes that I didn’t know), check out the glossary of handbags below:

Bag Shapes(image taken from:


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She Shoots! She Scores!

Since the World Cup started (on June 12th) a plethora of brands have been churning out these World-Cup inspired fashion items. Elizabeth and James released a line of tees and tanks featuring some of the countries that are competing in the soccer/fútbol tournament, Havaianas Flip Flops released a “Teams” collection featuring the team’s logos and colors on their cult-following flip-flops and Toms have created (or rather re-imagined) their classic canvas slip-ons by slating them with the world flags.

My favorite item being spawned from inspiration of the World-Cup is the new line of clutches by Charlotte Olympia. To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Charlotte Olympia is releasing an exclusive line of hat-trick pandora lucite box clutches (which retails for $1,195).

The aptly titled She Shoots! She Scores! limited-edition collection will be available beginning July 4th at select Charlotte Olympia stores in Miami, New York, Beverly Hills and London. So regardless of who you’re rooting for, if you’re a soccer/fútbol fanatic, but not a face paint kinda girl, this collection is certainly a luxe (and pricey) alternative.








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Go Eco

Go Eco
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Chain Gang

Chain Gang

Evoking polished sophistication in a timeless and versatile shape, the Ricky Chain Bag is my new obsession spawned from the Ralph Lauren brand. 

Inspired by the classic and iconic Ricky Bag, the ricky chain bag comes in a much smaller structured silhouette, featuring a silver chain shoulder strap, available in a wide assortment of candy colored patent leather (my personal fav is the candy apple red). So which of these high-impact, fluorescent hued patent leather bags is your favorite?

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Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy

Expect to see sunglasses with flair everywhere this summer. Thanks to major labels like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, embellished frames are what everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on this season.

However, before you venture to don this trend, there are a few things to consider. Chief among which is that one size does not fit all as it pertains to sunglasses. So when purchasing your blinged-out, or studded, gilded, or dramatic specs, select the frame best suited for your face to pull off this trend.

  • Square-Shaped Faces

Square-shaped faces tend to have a strong jawline and a fairly broad forehead. (Select frames that have rounded edges to soften and balance your features).

  • Round Faces

Round faces have soft curves with similar width and length. (Choose straight/angular or square frames).

  • Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces are broad at the forehead and cheek bones, and narrow at the chin (Go for cat-eye shaped frames as they will accentuate your face shape the best.)

  • Oval Faces

Oval faces are longer than they are wide and have balanced features. (Any frame style will do so long as the frames are no wider than your face.)

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