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Weekend Style: The SHIRTDRESS

Weekend Style: The SHIRTDRESS

When you break free from your school or office 9-5 look, what do you like to wear on the weekend? Are you all about a classic look,  do you prefer to tap into the latest trends, perhaps you’re a yoga pants kind-a girl, or do you stick to jeans and sandals?

What’s your go-to weekend style?


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Weekend Daytime Diva

It's the Weekend: Daytime Diva

 The maxi dress, the t-shirt dress, and the striped mini dress are all you need as your weekend essentials as we shift into summer. These dresses by (T by Alexander Wang) are light weight, comfortable, easy to wear and makes for a perfect foundation when building a simple and stylish summer wardrobe.


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Wardrobe Staple: Polo Shirt

Wardrobe Staple: Polo Shirt

Classic and versatile in style, the polo shirt is simply just one of those items that should be within a woman’s wardrobe. This everyday item whether worn to school, donned on casual fridays, or the weekends — offers an effortless put together look that is perfect for warm spring/summer days.


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Weekend Style: Denim Shorts vs Cargo Pants

Weekend Style: Denim Shorts vs Cargo Pants

What does your go-to weekend style usually consist of?

For the sophisticate, consider wearing a pair of white denim rolled-hem shorts with a crisp button down shirt for a polished and smart look. Or for a more causal approach, go for the relaxed and slouchy fit of cargo pants, which teams well with a classic tee.



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Weekend Style

Spring Trend: Flare Jeans

Winter is no longer, spring has ushered in and yet the weather outside is still dreadful — especially if you live on the east-coast or the midwest)! However, even though it’s still a bit nippy outside, you can still don this season’s must-have trend (i.e. flare jeans).

All you’ll need is that turtleneck you wore during fall/winter, a pair of platform wedges and a nice cross body bag (in a great pastel or sorbet color) to top off the look.


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Summer w/ Gap!

Celebrate Summer with Gap!: Contest Entry


It’s summer time, so you’ll need the perfect casual outfits for your weekends. Head to Gap for their cool and crisp looks. The Gap has simple and interchangeable wardrobe essentials perfect for a backyard bash or simply running errands.


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